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IN STORES Valentine's Day 2018

Delight your child with these 6 charming rhymes by Jo Anne and catchy orchestral melodies specially handpicked by the Principal Violist of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, Andrew Ling. Immerse in the enchanted world of Happy Gabby and his travels in the world of music. Treat yourself and introduce your wee one to classical music during the crucial years. Be amazed at how your child will appreciate Strauss, Chopin, Tchaikovsky and more. 

Plant a seed of music. Reap a garden of happiness.


The magic of 'Happy Gabby Plays Classical Music' is that it gets little readers laughing, dancing and wanting for more music. Laughing with your child is not only fun, it's bonding.

— 梁卓偉 Gabriel Leung,
香港大學李嘉誠醫學院院長 Dean, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong
香港大學學生會管弦樂團首席指揮 Principal Conductor, Hong Kong University Students' Union Philharmonic Orchestra


'Happy Gabby plays Classical Music' introduces children to the treasures of classical music with humour and sensitivity. Bravo on the choice of music, accompanying texts and drawings that will certainly delight people of all ages!

— 栢海川 Éric Berti
法國駐港澳總領事 Consul General of France in Hong Kong and Macau

‘Happy Gabby Plays Classical Music’ is a labour of love. This irresistibly captivating interactive book is bound to ignite young readers’ love of music!

— 趙增熹 Chiu Tsang Hei,
音樂製作人及作曲家 Music Producer and Composer


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